What I Offer

Your go-to source for those seeking support in attaining or maintaining optimal health utilizing reflexology.  I strive to help my clients live life well.

My philosophy is that the body has an amazing power to heal itself, and that its abilities can be greatly optimized with a bit of prompting using our natural and holistic modality. I utilize reflexology philosophies in cooperation and conjunction with allopathic (aka Western Medicine) and other complementory treatments being received by my clients.

What I Do

Reflexology has helped clients in dealing with:
  ♦ pain
  ♦ stress reduction
  ♦ edema/lymphedema/lipodema
  ♦ depression
  ♦ grief
  ♦ anxiety
  ♦ muscle strain
  ♦ PTSD
  ♦ palliative care
  ♦ auto immune disease
  ♦ circulation difficulties
  ♦ injury recovery
  ♦ surgery recovery

Enjoy deep relaxationfor your 30, 60 or 90 minute time slot. Most clients prefer foot sessions, but I can also provide hand, face or ear reflexology. In the event the client is immobile, I can also travel to provide therapy in the client’s wheelchair or bed. 

How Therapy is Provided

Reflexology (aka zone therapy) is the application of gentle pressure with fingers, thumbs and knuckles on specific zones in the feet, hands, face or ears to help balance the flow of energy through the related body zone. This can affect the whole body not only on a physical level, but mentally and emotionally as well.

**My therapies are NOT intended as a substitute for any medical treatment nor a substitute for professional medical advice.

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