LIANE - Reflexology Therapist

LMT Lic. FL # MA87076

I've been on a quest to help others attain relief from their various dis-eases for most of my life.  I started in allopathic medicine (refers to the practice of traditional or conventional Western medicine) but felt like a helplesscog in the wheels of testing, prescriptions and surgeries.  Great solutions for some health issues, but all too many dis-eases and pain issues seemed to go unresolved.  Thanks to my greatest teacher, my horse Soquili (yes! a horse!), lead me to opening my heart and mind to Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).   Long story short, I found reflexology to provide me with the best ability to personally provide benefits to others; physically, mentally and emotionally.  Now, I get to apply my education and experience of allopathic medicine having been a medical assistant, dental assistant, veterinary assistant, animal shelter worker, equine body worker, plus my more recent CAM and reflexology education and experience to help all ages of people, in just about any type of setting with all kinds of health issues.  Another bonus is that reflexology works well in conjunction with any other form of therapy or treatment being received.  My passion is to help others feel their best physically, mentally and emotionally, by using reflexology as an aid to help each body.  

I am so passionate about reflexology I actually named my cat Reflex.   
**My therapies are NOT intended as a substitute for any medical treatment nor a substitute for professional medical advice.

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